Francois & Shellie |A Bohol Destination Wedding

Francois and Shellie are based abroad and planning the wedding overseas is challenging especially when they planned it be in Boracay Island but it was abruptly closed. You could just easily give up the original plan and postpone the date.

When life puts us to test in unpredictable situations, we go back finding our reasons why we should be pushing through it. With the amount of passion and love between these couple, no situation could stop them from having their dream wedding. Bringing the whole wedding party ,wedding suppliers from Boracay to another island in Panglao, Bohol, changing plans and like doing it all over again could be tough but seeing how the wedding turned out is more than worth it. There is no more reason to look back to the it-should-have-been-like-this but to rather enjoy the change of journey, a new journey where they still chose to believe that love overcomes all obstacles. Choosing to fall in love everyday, to be supported by the love of family and friends are enough reasons to be inspired and see the more beautiful things that wait ahead.

It was indeed an amazing journey to remember, a beautiful day to cherish. We love the DIY wedding favors , the breath taking views from their rooms, the serene blue waters of the ocean,  the sunny weather that warmed the air, the breath taking flowers arranged inside the historical church, the hanging flowers and lights at the reception , the small gathering of the people close to their hearts, and a couple who had nothing to give each other but love and happiness . Simply, it was a day that the heavens has put everything together perfectly.

There was a change of location and plans maybe, but love still remains to be the most important thing, a love that remains true to its promise.


Photos & Videos: Enrico Nepomuceno Photography & Cinematography
Planner: Mulberry Events
HMUA: Jasmin Labao
Reception Styling: Wacky Productions

Mitch & Kath | Embracing Paradise | Boracay Wedding

Setting a romantic backdrop against the cool hues of a sunset, exchanging sweet glances while holding on to those soft hands while walking along the beach, gentle touches and kisses,  lighting up sparklers and sharing of laughters to fill the warm air of the night. Would this be that kind of your perfect day?

To make your day more special, why not enjoy a little walk on the streets to say a few hellos to the locals of the island, walk a little further towards the long beach with your friends , grab some beer and go barefoot to feel the sand on your toes?

Oh those love the island of Boracay brings. Ready yourselves and be with us as we watch closely this beautiful day planned for Mitch and Kath! 




Photography & Videography: Enrico Nepomuceno & Team

Planner: Ronald Soncio Events

HMUA: Tamara Pineda


Boracay Wedding SDE | Jun & Liza

Boracay Wedding SDE | Chris and Monica


“I vow to listen to you, laugh with you, cry with you and always value our differences just as much as I value our similarities.”

video – Enrico Nepomuceno Photography & Cinematography
photo -Enrico Nepomuceno Photography & Cinematography
venue – Boracay Shangri-la’s Resort and Spa
flowers – Teddy Manuel

Boracay Wedding SDE | Claudio & Nicole


video – Enrico Nepomuceno Photography & Cinematography
photo – Love Train Studio
coord – Boracay Weddings by Amanda Tirol
hmua – Fern Quimpo