Jrriel & Mae Ann E-Session

He teases her and makes fun of her. She then smiles and laughs, then yeah ..tease him back in return.

He can make her laugh even she doesn’t even want to smile.

That’s how they lighten up each other, they just really know how,

….and it’s admirable.

Simple as that.. that’s just how their love grows.

They may have some differences in character, in interests, but they still find each other at a certain point where love is just the only reason to smile, to live

..and laugh…


… hard!


(for a reason though, they were good at holding their smiles at some of these let me say “serious” shots).

Happy viewing!:)






Ety LYNAI: Thank you! It’s really untfuornate that our trips to Bora won’t be on the same dates, but I’m sure your hands will be full when you go there, you won’t even notice anyone else. Heehee. :PMARIA: Wow, our wedding anniversaries are just 2 days apart. Cool! I hope you guys enjoy Bohol. We went there in 2008 and enjoyed our trip immensely. Have fun! 🙂

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