Monthly Archives: February 2015

Fortune and Lisa

How would you know if something that happens in your life is a result of a fulfilled dream or a destiny? The truth is, nobody can really tell.  But one thing both have in common is that time plays an essential role. We hope and aspire for things that sometimes waiting becomes hard , and […]

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Weeliam and Sheryl

The simple joy of making happen the dream of a destination wedding. The beautiful soft details that encompasses its meaning. And more importantly the presence of love cherished and celebrated under the calm blue sky and selfless gentle murmurs of the winds and waves. Here’s what brings the perfect day of Weeliam and Sheryl.   […]

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Johannes and Cary

    The world is a stranger, even more stranger than you could imagine. And sometimes you pause to wonder if the life your living is meant for someone else to happen. But you continue to live and surrender yourself to life’s mysteries, until you found someone who gave up his to stop your world. […]

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