Fortune and Lisa

How would you know if something that happens in your life is a result of a fulfilled dream or a destiny?

The truth is, nobody can really tell.  But one thing both have in common is that time plays an essential role. We hope and aspire for things that sometimes waiting becomes hard , and worst we become impatient and doubt ourselves if it’s really meant to happen. Time is given to be intangible and uncontrollable. But as imperfect human beings, what we can only do is learn from each experience that no matter how fast or slow we are to achieving what our hearts desire, perseverance brings us steps closer to it. It’s to be persistent in our pursuit of love, contentment and happiness.

We cannot choose the day or time when we will fully bloom.  But for our couple Fortune and Lisa, dreams and destiny can happen at one given time…

…it’s in God’s own beautiful , and perfect time. 

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